Zack Childress -Different Types of Mortgage loan in real estate investment

Zack Childress automated wholesaling systems What is a mortgage? A mortgage is a pledge that is used to create a lien on real estate on contract. It is a method that the individuals or the businesses use for availing finance for different purposes. It may be used for buying a residential property or commercial property…

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An insight into Real Estate Bubble

Real estate bubble commonly known as property bubble or housing bubble is something that occurs at irregular intervals in both local and global real estate markets. It is nothing but a severe downturn. The questions of whether real estate bubbles can be known and prevented and whether they have broader macroeconomic implication are countered in…

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Risks of Flipping Property

House flipping is a revenue generating concept which is highly risky especially in a flat real-estate market. Not just one or two, there are so much in house-flipping and it depends on the real-estate market, which we all know is cyclic in nature. During a boom, flippers have the whip hand and can just about…

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Reverse Mortgages – Pros and Cons

What is reverse mortgage? With intent to keep older Americans in their homes, the Congress passed the Reverse Mortgage bill during 1988, which endorsed the Federal Housing Authority (FHA) and the United States Dept. of Housing and Urban Development to promise lenders who made home equity conversion mortgages. Classified under the category of specialized loans,…

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Schedule a call with Zack Childress – Free 30 Minutes Mentoring Session Review

Real estate is a field that is challenging and rewarding. Not all who work hard are successful, but people who are guided with mentors are successful. As with any business having a mentor is one of the most valuable things you could have. Learning from their experience, their tricks and tactics are beneficial by all…

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What is real estate Mortgage loan and how it works

In order to buy homes and to get mortgages, a real estate agent works with purchasers with varying experiences. Anyone who is involved in this for the first time needs more support which entails understanding different types of mortgages and the process involved to apply to a lender and finance a home. This article explains…

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Zack Childress Real Estate Tips

Marketing a unique home- Zack Childress real estate tips

Every home is unique and some real estate listings are truly one-of-a-kind. To market such unique homes is no easy thing. Properties that are unusual by all means don’t always make things easy and it poses unique challenges for real estate practitioners. Standard advertising strategies don’t always help you reach the prospective buyers who are…

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Real estate contracts- how to deal?

How to deal a project of real estate indenture on something that you don’t have possession of? This is the question that arises when it comes to the wholesaling real estate. Selling something that you don’t own is impossible unless you have an equitable interest in the property. A signed contract from the seller is…

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Zack Childress Tips You Need a Plan to Be Successful in Real Estate

Click Here to Register for my 30 Day Fast Track Webinar Training See More: Need to Plan in Real Estate Success

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Zack Childress’ Tips for what to look in positive Real Estate Business

Investing in positive cashflow property involves the act of purchasing property that creates a surplus ore-tax cashflow. The cash flow is the foundation of any successful investment especially those that are starting out. Zack Childress strategies to finding positive cash flow property Look for high yielding suburbs High yielding suburbs are areas that give a…

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