Zack Childress guides on 5 things to consider before buying a rental property

Have you decided to buy a rental property as an investment? Rentals give higher returns and cash flow but you have to consider the pros and cons before investing in it. Many investors who had bought real estate properties in undesirable location have regretted their decision later.  They hope for its improvement but often get…

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Everything you wanted to know about Zack Childress automated wholesaling systems

Everything you wanted to know about Zack Childress automated wholesaling systems

Wholesaling is the perfect way to get started in the real estate industry without spending a dime of your own money. However, you should be aware of the concepts completely and get trained in the best way possible such that the endeavor falls in place. As with any new business opportunity, there are both benefits…

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Zack Childress tips – How Agents Generate Real Estate Leads on Facebook

zack childress tips – Brokers and agents who are involved in buying and selling of properties can increase their sales and customer base only when they become registered members and connect with the real time people in some of the prominent social networking sites. There are several reputed social networking sites like facebook and linkedin…

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Zack Childress scam – common tricks of crooks

Real estate transactions are more stressful than having a baby, moving or a change of job. The constantly changing rules and regulations make it more intimidating and it varies from state to state. So, whether you are buying or selling a house, watch out for these common scams reviewed by Zack Childress. The dual agent…

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Zack Childress Guidelines For How Home-Owners Can Avail Tax Deduction

Zack Childress Guidelines For How Home-Owners Can Avail Tax Deduction?

Zack childress guidelines the tax deductions are one of the prime reasons why every investor wishes to be a home seller. With the home ownership responsibilities, you get to enjoy tax benefits. The first-time home sellers can consult tax adviser to learn the benefits of tax deductions. After every home sale, tax returns are to…

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Zack Childress Reviews-How to do an Effective Self-Storage Investment

Zack Childress Reviews-How to do an Effective Self-Storage Investment?

Zack childress reviews-the first-time investors who don’t have prior experience in real estate investment can consider self-storage option.Zack Childress brief about self-storage investment strategies. Cash Flow Economic Occupancy Supply and Demand Competitive Market Financing Methodologies Documentation Self-Storage Social Media Presence Tax and Home Inspection 1.Cash Flow The new investors must rely on cash flow to…

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zack childress procedure to calculate return on investment for an investment property

Zack Childress Procedure to calculate return on investment for an investment property

Zack childress-Whenever we have discussed about tax and mortgage,the return on investment was given the top priority. We have also witnessed that the home sales increased when the return on investment is high. In this article, the significance of ROI (return on investment) is discussed in detail. ROI Calculations are manipulative. Some variables are included…

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Zack Childress Historic Real Estate Scams Part-2

Zack Childress,In this article, Zack Childress explains few more real estate scandals which became sensational. The Health South Corporation is in Alabama State which is the country’s largest health care service providers. In March 2003, The CEO asked the employees to exaggerate the turnover of the company as well as their income in order to…

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zack childress reviews an overview on real estate market performance in 2016 -2017

Zack Childress Reviews an Overview on Real Estate Market Performance in 2016 -2017

Zack childress reviews the housing market has not been stable; Zack Childress suggests some ideas on how to improve home sales in the forth coming years. 2016 -2017 real estate market review The major cities experienced a hike in the house price, but still the average number of home sales increased owing to the drop…

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zack childress guidelines-how to become a smart real estate agent in 2017

Zack Childress Guidelines-How to Become a Smart Real Estate Agent in 2017?

Zack childress guidelines among the thousands of real estate agents, how to stand out smart and successful? You need to be conscious about the goals; set well-defined goals; start visualizing the end-results and work towards it. Zack Childress complaints that the real estate agents don’t use their potential to the fullest and lack in goal…

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