For the 1st Time in History, Zack Childress is Revealing in this Life-Changing Brand New Workshop…

The Cutting Edge Strategies You NEED to be Using in the Current Market to GUARANTEE the Fastest Path to FREEDOM from FLIPPING

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The market has changed and so do you if you want to be Successful in Today’s Market.

This is the time of the real estate market where the most money is made if you know how to capitalize on it…Read this Letter and Discover How You Too Can Have TRUE FREEDOM.

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@ Charlotte, North Carolina - May 12-14th, 2017

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss Out on Freedom From Flipping Workshop:

  • Live Workshops are the Fastest Way to Learn, PERIOD. Home Study and Online Programs are Great, but as Humans, we tend to Procrastinate. Live Events Don’t Allow You to Procrastinate!
  • The Real Estate Market is in the Perfect Storm RightNow and you will be passing up a lifetime of Financial Freedom if you don’t Capitalize on the Current Market!
  • This is a Brand NEW Event and I Show You Step-by-Step the Strategies Working Best Right Now to Put Quick Cash in Your Bank Account. These Quick Cash Strategies Do NOT Require You To Have a Bank Full of Cash or Good Credit. I’ll Show You How to Play Match Maker and Make $5,000-$40,000 per Deal.
  • This is NOT a SALES EXPO. I Will NOT Be Parading a Bunch of Speakers on Stage to Sell You Stuff. This is a TEACHATHON.
  • My Workshops have the highest Student Success Rate of any other Real Estate Education Company. See Past Attendee Videos Below.
  • Investing in Your Education is the Best Investment You Can Make! Nobody Can Ever Take Away the Knowledge and Skillset You’ll Acquire during these 3 Days.

What You’ll Learn at the
Freedom From Flipping Workshop:

  • The easiest and most overlooked ways to find deals in your market that lead to consistent paydays
  • How to Flip Contracts for Quick Cash and How to Flip Properties for BIG 5-Figure Paydays
  • How to Get Access to the Money to Do as Many Deals as You Desire
  • The 1 Document You Must Always Use to Guarantee You’ll Get Paid when Flipping Contracts
  • How to Tap Into an Unlimited Source of Buyers Your Competition Doesn’t Know About
  • How to Maintain a Steady Flood of Daily Deals in Your Pipeline
  • The 3 Forms of Paperwork Most New Investors Forget to include that can cause hang-ups at the closing table (and keep you from getting paid)
  • How to Spot the Most Profitable Deals that Put the Most Money in Your Pocket
  • How to Knowwhenit’s Safe to Quit Your Job and rely on your real estate income full time (Most investors stay at their old jobs far too long…)
  • How to Build an Automated Business that Runs Without You and Continues to Pay You While You Do What You Love to Do
  • And Much, Much, More...

Your Step-By-Step Training Agenda
What You’ll Learn at the
Freedom From Flipping Workshop:

Day 1 Overview

  • Your First Steps To Success
  • Creating an Individual Plan
  • How to Build Your Master Team
  • Money Resources Types of Capital
  • Finding the Right Markets
  • Identifying Zip Code Buying Zones
  • 24 Hour Plan to Doing a Deal
  • Taking Action Overnight for Deals
  • FSBO Ads that Attract Sellers
  • ADs that Get Buyers to Call All Week
  • Step-by-Step Process to Talking to Sellers
  • Panel Discussion with Our Experts

Day 2 Overview

  • Student Deal Review
  • Getting Your Numbers Right
  • Finding the Fastest Way to Compute ARV
  • How to Know When to Flip or Wholesale
  • Real Case Studies on Current Deals
  • How to Get All the Funds You Will Need
  • Flipping contracts For Fast Cash
  • Secret Buyers List NO One is Flipping To
  • Secret Contract to 5X Your Profit
  • How to Get Banks to Pay for Your Assignment Fee
  • How to Stay in Control and Out of Trouble
  • How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Day 3 Overview

  • Student Deal Review
  • Q&A with Zack Childress
  • How to Flip Properties for Ultimate Profits
  • Best Time and Location to Flip
  • The Best Houses to Flip in Any Market
  • Tricks the Master Flippers Use to Find Repair Cost
  • How to Find the Best Contractors
  • Managing Your Project Like a Pro
  • Secret Strategy to Stay Under Budget
  • 7 Day Sale Process for BIG Paydays
  • How to Move into Long-Term Cash Flow
  • The Fastest Way to Find Cash Flow Properties

After You Implement these Strategies, You’ll Be Able To:

  • Pay Off All Your Past Due Bills or Lingering Credit Card Balances
  • Start Building (or Rebuilding) Your Retirement Account so You Never Have to Worry About Running Out of Money During Retirement
  • Quit Your JOB (Just Over Broke) and Live Your Life in Freedom

Presenting Your Rock Star Educators:

Zack Childress

Founder, REI Success Academy

Zack Childress has been investing in real estate full time since 2003. He's cracked the code on how to invest in good markets, bad markets, declining markets, growing markets. When most investors lost their shirts during the 2008 crash, Zack made a fortune!

He’s going to show you the secrets to making maximum profits in today’s current market. When you leave this workshop, you’ll know exactly what to do when you get home to start bringing in consistent $5,000 -$40,000 paydays from flipping contracts and $50,000 - $100,000 checks from flipping properties.

Ian Flannigan

Founder, Freedom Investing Academy

Ian is not only a student of Zack Childress, he is also an excellent educator. He took what he learned from Zack and expanded on it. Ian is going to share with you what’s working best for him right now in one of the hottest markets in the country. His strategy allows him to do as many deals as he wants because he focuses on properties other investors are not going after.

Finding deals in hot markets can be difficult if you don’t know how to approach finding deals in hot markets and the specific strategy you need to use in hot markets. Ian will open up his personal real estate business and show you step by step how he finds great deals in Hot Markets.

Life Changing Prizes You Could Win at the Freedom From Flipping Workshop:

Power Prize #1 – One-on-One (Value $5,000)

1 lucky winner will win a 30 Day Step-by-Step Implementation Program Directly with Zack

As the winner, you get:

  • 30 days of unlimited email access
  • 4 phone calls, 30 minutes each
  • Access to my support team, 24/7

This is One-on-One time with Zack Childress. He will be your personal real estate expert for 30 full days. You will pick his brain, learn how he works through deals, and continues to grow his business.

Zack’s coaching students pay him $5,000 per month for this kind of access, but you’ll have a chance to win this entire package just for attending.

Power Prize #2 - Quick Cash Grab Machine (Value $32,000)

We’re going to fill a stand up money machine with an undisclosed amount of money and give lucky winners the chance to step inside to grab as much of the cash as possible.

You may have seen these machines on game shows, hundreds of bills blowing around in a machine, but never in a real estate event, and certainly not like this.

And that’s not all…

Mixed in with all the cash will be 8 highly sought after Zack and IanBucks. These are the “Golden Tickets” of the FREEDOM FROM FLIPPING WORKSHOP, granting the holder fully paid access to a highly specialized program designed by Zack Childress himself to give investors unfair advantages.

You could get your hands on…

Zack Buck #1. Mastermind Vacation with Zack Childress ($20,000 Value)

Zack Buck #2. Automated Deal Maker Software ($1,000 Value)

Zack Buck #3. 30-Day Fast Track Success System ($1,000 Value)

Zack Buck #4. Automated Wholesaling Systems Program ($1,500 Value)

Ian Buck #1: 30 Days of Deal Support Directly From Ian Himself ($5000 Value)

Ian Buck #2: Hidden Cash Flow Fortunes System ($1500 Value)

Ian Buck #3: Quick Cash Match Maker System ($500 Value)

Remember, the only way to get your hands on these PRIZES - Zack or Ian Bucks- is when you attend the Freedom From Flipping Workshop.

Power Prize #3 - In-Field Experience (Value $25,000)

This is the granddaddy prize…

1 lucky winner will WIN the opportunity to come to Zack’s hometown and work directly with him and several others as he works on deals.

You’ll look directly over Zack’s shoulder as he works through day-to-day problems, you’ll follow along as he inspect properties, and be a fly on the wall as Zack discusses crucial specifics with banks, leads, and more…

Imagine being able to look over a wealthy investors shoulders, listen in on crucial conversations, and take notes along the way.

The In-Field Experience lasts for 3 days and is guaranteed to be the most coveted prize at FREEDOM FROM FLIPPING WORKSHOP.

Note: It’s worth it as this experience is the one training that has created more success stories than anything else…

A Total $62,000 in Prizes WILL Be Given Away at this Workshop!

Where: Charlotte, North Carolina

You’ll Get Specific Location Details after You Register

When: May 12-14th, 2017


$500,000 in PRE-APPROVED
Funding for Your Deals

After Zack shows you how to find the best real estate deals in your area, you’ll get access to $500,000 in funding for your deals. This funding is only for workshop attendees that attend all training sessions. This training with him qualifies you to get access to this funding.

That's thebest part! Anyone can do this because you don't need any startup capital.

He's doing this because this is the best time for investing and he's looking for motivated action takers to share the wealth with.

Are you ready to change your financial situation?

If you're positive minded and want to level up in the money world, Register Now!

All you need to do is show up to this workshop and Zack will take you from A to Z. We are in the middle of major shift in the real estate market right now. More money will be made in real estate over the next 3-5 years than ever before. He'll show you how to capitalize on the current market and make a fortune during this major transfer of wealth that's happening right now.

When you attend the Freedom From Flipping Workshop, you'll learn how to make quick cash finding and flipping contracts as well as BIG Money flipping properties… allwithout any of your own cash or credit.

This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn from one of the most successful real estate investors in the country. Don't pass this up because you will regret it.


This event is strictly limited to 80 people. This is a workshop, students must come prepared to learn.

These events fill up quickly so take advantage of this opportunity, and do not hesitate. It will be a year before you get this chance again.

This is Event Is
Normally $1997.00

Today You’re Getting a
Significant Discount to Attend!

You must register to attend this event within the next 24 hours or your spot will be given to someone else.

Regular Admission
Regular Admission
$197 for 1 Seat
VIP Experience
$397 for 1 Seat
VIP Networking Party
Zack buys you dinner in the Boardroom!
Front Row Reserved Seating for the Entire Event!
A picture with me personally!
Direct Access with Personal Time with Zack!
SILVER 2 Seats
VIP Experience
$497 for 2 Seats
VIP Networking Party
Zack buys you dinner in the Boardroom!
Front Row Reserved Seating for the Entire Event!
A picture with me personally!
Direct Access with Personal Time with Zack!
GOLD 1 Seat
VIP Experience
$597 for 1 Seat
VIP Networking Party
Zack buys you dinner in the Boardroom!
Front Row Reserved Seating for the Entire Event!
A picture with me personally!
Direct Access with Personal Time with Zack!
Breakfast with Zack!
1 on 1 Coaching Call with Zack!
Video Recordings of Entire Workshop
GOLD 2 Seats
VIP Experience
$697 for 2 Seats
VIP Networking Party
Zack buys you dinner in the Boardroom!
Front Row Reserved Seating for the Entire Event!
A picture with me personally!
Direct Access with Personal Time with Zack!
Breakfast with Zack!
1 on 1 Coaching Call with Zack!
Video Recordings of Entire Workshop

But Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

video placeholder

”This is the best real estate event I’ve ever attended - I recommend it to anyone”


video placeholder

”If you weren’t here, you missed some real opportunities.”


Make the Right Decision for Your Life!

Join me at Freedom From Flipping Workshop

If you want to be successful, it’s up to you. You have to take action. You have to step on the path. No one else can do it for you.

You’ve slaved away at a day job long enough. You’ve struggled long enough. You’ve been on that path long enough.

Take the easy road for once.

Join the rest of the eager investors taking me up on this special opportunity.

We Look Forward to Helping You Achieve Massive Success This Year!

Come Shake Our Hands When You See Us at the Event!

Pre-register Freedom From Flipping Workshop To Secure Your Seat!

@ Charlotte, North Carolina - May 12-14th, 2017

Bonus Session Just Added


This is Exciting News!

We were able to secure a very special informant to join us and do a bonus session for you.He’s referred to as Professor Cash Flow because he’s a master of generating passive cash flow on demand with very little effort.

He’s going share with you the formula he uses to generate passive income on demand from Multi-Family properties. These properties are anywhere from 2-200 units and these types of deals are all over the place when you know where to find them.

This is the 1st Time He has ever shared this
 Information Outside of His Close Family!

He’ll also show you…

How to Make Insane Chunks of Cash (5 Figures or More Per Deal)

Finding and Referring Commercial Properties.

This is the absolute hottest strategy going right now and he’s the only investor and consultant doing this!You don’t need any cash or credit to refer commercial deals for 5 Figure Finders fees.

He is so busy with all of his deals, we are very fortunate just for him to attend the event and share this with you.

WARNING: The information he’ll be sharing will not be recorded or ever presented on any webinar. The only way to get it is to attend this workshop LIVE.

This could easily add $200,000 of income for you this year with not much effort when you implement what he’ll show you at this workshop.

These types of Multi-Family Cash Flow Deals are all over the place. You could be profiting from them by simply partnering with his firm that specializes in Multi-Family Cash Flow Properties but you need to come and learn from him so you know what to look for!

This is a No Brainer Next Step for All Investors.

We love residential investors but everyone knows the big money is in commercial and up until now it was out of reach of the everyday investor.

For the Very 1st Time, Professor Cash Flow is Bringing the Big Money of Commercial Properties into the Reach of the Everyday Investor because you don’t need Cash or Good Credit to do this Strategy he’ll be teaching!

Pre-register Freedom From Flipping Workshop To Secure Your Seat!

@ Charlotte, North Carolina - May 12-14th, 2017

Freedom From Flipping Workshop FAQ’s

  • When is the next Freedom From Flipping LIVE Event?
    • Our next event will be held this coming May in Charlotte, NC!
    • Please call the office for more details! 1-866-592-2429
  • Where is the event going to be held?
    • Please call the office to register. Once you register, we will send you all information for the hotel and booking arrangements for your stay.
  • I’m trying to book my flight. What time does the event open and when does it end?
    • Event registration begins at 7:00AM on Friday morning. Morning check-ins will start at 8:00AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings. The event doors opens at 8:30AM. The event promptly starts at 9:00AM each day and progresses until 5:00PM.
  • Can I bring a guest to the event?
    • Seating is limited. Each person must purchase a pass to get to the event. If you were one of the ones that took action for the $97 seat deposit, this pass is fully refundable after you attend the full 3 days of the event. If you waited to purchase a ticket at $197, this purchase is nonrefundable entirely. You can register to attend here : or you can contact our office at 1-707-247-4248 to register.
  • Can I get a refund if I can’t attend?
    • Because of the limited availability of event seats, you MUST notify us at least 30 days before the event so we can give your seat to another student.

Pre-register Freedom From Flipping Workshop To Secure Your Seat!

@ Charlotte, North Carolina - May 12-14th, 2017