Here’s Your 1 Time Opportunity to Grab $21,972.00 of my Best Systems, Processes, and Leads for FREE

Hey there, Zack Childress here. I want to tell you about something I’m going to give you today that’s worth $21,972.00

Now you’re not going to pay $21,972.00. This is 100% FREE for you. Before I tell you what you’ll be getting for free today and why I’m doing this… I need to give you a word of warning.

This offer is Offer is Extremely Limited!

The reason why is because at the time of my recording this, I’ve only got 47 of these huge packages available to ship.

And by the time you’re watching this, I may have even less. If for some strange reason, they’re not all snatched up instantly, this offer will EXPIRE when the Timer on this page hits “ZERO”

So with that said, here’s what you’re getting FREE. The 1st thing I’m going to send you in the mail is my

30 Day Fast Track Success System

Here’s why you should want this system …no matter how much it costs. This is a brand new program. It includes the latest cutting edge investing strategies as well as everything I’ve learned over the past 12 years of my career as a full time investor.

As a pioneer in the investing space, my duty is to test new strategies and bring the successful strategies to you so you not only learn from my successes, you also learn from my failures.

And this is important for you because these failures cost me money to figure out and will end up saving you a ton of money because I’m taking the bumps and the bruises for you.

The tested and proven systems, strategies, tools and resources within the 30 Day Fast Track System are a virtual carbon copy of what I use in my own real estate business. I documented everything to a T so yourbusiness will achieve same massive success as mine.

These same strategies have proved to be very successful (meaning thousands of deals worth of profits) for not just my own real estate business but also thousands of people I’ve shared them with.

At an average profit of $27,500, that ends up being a very large number. After you claim this insanely powerful, life changing free gift, you’ll soon be enjoying your new financially free lifestyle doing whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it just like I do. 

Image no longer answering to a boss, being able to take vacations whenever you want, and basically doing whatever you want, whenever you want. I love having the freedom to be able to go on school field trips with my kids, spend time with my kids at school and taking vacations with my family every quarter.

Being tied to a 9-5 job makes its extremely difficult not just to enjoy life to the fullest but also to spend quality time with your family never mind put money away for retirement.

The cost of living has gotten so high in thiscountry, it makes it darn near impossible to grow your retirement account when you’re working a regular 9-5 job trading hours for dollars. Look, even if you make $100,000  a year which is considered higher than average.

Most people making $100,000 a year now still don’t have anything left over at the end of the year. They are stuck in the middle class trap. The media and the politicians have brainwashed 95% of the population to believe being middle class is ok.

What they don’t realize is the middle class is disappearing because the cost of living has gotten so high. The middle class is actually becoming the lower class because 5% of the population controls the majority of the wealth in this country. Listen up because I’m going to show you how to Join us in the 5%. 

When you discover the strategies and action plans I’ve laid out for you in the 30 Day Fast Track program, you’re going to be so excited to start getting the automated passive income streams setup so they start flowing into your bank account every month.   

The primary mission of this 30 Day Fast Track program is to get your real estate investing business up and running within 30 days. It’s not just about flipping houses. This is a robust program which includes the 4 profit centers you need in your investing business. I call this my 4 Tiers of Investing and once you understand the power of these 4 tiers, you can create income on demand.

When you follow the 30 day Fast Track the way it’s designed, you won’t have any problem making between $200,000 -$300,000 in your first year. You’ll be able to double that in your second year and you’ll be making $1 Million or more in your 3rd year.

That’s assuming you’re doing it full time. If you don’t want to do it full time, noproblem. Real Estate investing has been the highest paid profession for part timers for as long as I can remember.

The famous industrialist, Andrew Carnegie said this in the late 1800s: “More Wealth is Created from Real Estate than anything else.”

Needless to say whether you’re planning on using the 30 Day Fast Track Success System part time or full time, it’s extremely powerful. It has a real world value of $16,972.00  and for good reason.

Just 1 deal completed using this system is worth $27,500. Just 1 deal per month is worth $330,000 per year. $330,000 is your plan for your 1st year. Even if you fall short and only do 10 deals, you’ll still make $270,000.

In year 2 we ramp up to 2 deals per month so you can reach $660,000 and year 3 we ramp up to 3 deals per month so you can reach $1 Million or more.

It’s not difficult when you have a tested and proven system for success from someone that has been down the road before you to figure it out. This is mysuccess roadmap I’ve laid out for you step by step.

And the 30 Day Fast Track is not the only gift I want to give you. I also want you to have the recordings of a 4 Day Bootcamp I put on which was all about Automating your Real Estate Business.

I only did this Business Automation Bootcamp 1 time and it was limited to a very exclusive group of my top clients that paid me $5000 or more to attend this bootcamp.  I have never sold the recordings of this bootcamp before and you are getting these never released recordings for FREE.

This Business Automation bootcamp is going to build on the strategies you acquire in the 30 Day Fast Track. Here’s why you need this.

More often than not, many new investors get stuck in a trap where they end up creating a full time job for themselves because they get stuck doing all the work themselves. This is not why you go into business for yourself. You go into business for yourself for not only the money but more importantly for the freedom.

This Automation Bootcamp is going to show you how to get out of the day to operations of the business as fast as possible so the business runs without you. This is where real wealth and freedom is achieved.

The only clients that get access to these recordings are my coaching students that pay anywhere from $35,000 -$75,000 for personal one on one consulting. And I’m going to send you a copy of these exclusive recordings right to your door for FREE.

Together with the 30 day Fast Track, both of these programs have a Real World Value of: $21,972

And here’s how you can get both of these Programs today for FREE.

I’m willing to give you this $21,972 gift for simply trying out my new Coaching Program called the REI Success Inner Circle.

Every other week, you’ll get Live Online Webinars with me personally. You’ll get direct access to ask me questions about your business. I’ll help you overcome any challenges you’re facing as well as keep you on track for not just the 30 Day Fast Track but also the 1 year, 2 year and 3 year plan.

I’ll update you on what’s working best in the market and share my test results from the field so you can copy what I’m doing in your own business. The Real Estate Market is constantly changing and you need someone by your side to support you and guide you to success.

I’ve been through all market cycles and was able to navigate through the real estate boom and real estate bust while adjusting to the market cycles. While most investors were put out of business during the crash, I was able to create a system I can use for the next crash to thrive while everyone else is trying to survive.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when a crash is coming and what you should do to capitalize on it? When you join my Inner Circle, you’ll get to benefit from these experiences. You See, there are ways to make money in every part of the real estate cycle but you have to adjust as the market changes.

When you have me by your side, I’ll let you know when you should adjust and how to do it. This will end up not only saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars but you’ll be able to double or triple your net worth when you make the right moves at the right time.   

You need someone you can bounce ideas and deals off of to make sure you’re doing the right thing. I will be there for you every step of the way. You’re already getting the 30 Day Fast Track which we refer to as your roadmap.

Consider my Inner Circle your personal GPS for success in real estate. I’ll be here to help you course correct if you start going down the wrong path just like the GPS in your car does.

You can bring your leads and your deals to the biweekly calls and I’ll personally help you structure offers to make to the sellers so your offers get accepted. This personal guidance will pay for itself in deal profits no matter what the investment is.

I will help you with anything you need such as generating leads, making offers, finding deals, raising money, selling houses, getting deals funded, managing cash flow, ramping up your business, expanding to other markets, automating your business. I can help you with all of this and a lot more.

My coaching program has the highest success rate of any other real estate program. How do I know this? Because I make sure that all of my students are successful and I want to do the same for you.

The students that take my coaching program and implement what I tell them to do have a 100% success rate.And if you’re ready for success, I’m ready to coach you and help you build your business. We’re in this together.

The only other way to have access to this information would be if you worked in my office… shoulder to shoulder… every single day.

I’m also going to send you my Look over my Shoulder Newsletter where you’ll learn what’s working best right now in today’s real estate market. You’ll get access to my testing lab to discover what worked and what didn’t work so you can copy and implement the winners in your business.

This way you can benefit from the winning strategies while you don’t have to spare the expense of the losers.

You’ll also get access to Monthly Confidential which is a new system or campaign that’s delivered to you every month. You’ll get access to tips and tutorials to improve and automate your business. Monthly Confidential is an Exclusive benefit of my Inner Circle. Nobody else gets access to it.  

So you’re probably wondering about the cost. As a Member, You Get Everything

You get 2 Live Webinars per Month.

You Get ME as Your Personal GPS. You get access to my 12 years of experience through boom and bust markets.

You get the look over my shoulder newsletter as well as the Monthly Confidential tips and tutorials to improve and automate your business. All for just $397 per month.

There is No Contract and You Can Cancel at Any Time. Plus you can keep the 30 Day Fast Track Success System. You can keep the Business Automation Bootcamp absolutely FREE

This means I’m physically mailing
and shipping you on my dime

30 Day Fast Track Success System: $16,972.00
Business Automation Bootcamp: $5,000.00

Total Real World Value: $21,972.00

You do not have to pay $21,972.00 today. Because that $21,972.00 worth of training is YOURS FREE when you become a member of my Inner Circle.

Now let’s Talk about the Membership Dues. Like I said, its just $397 per month…

This is peanuts compared to how much you make on just 1 deal. The average profit on an average deal is $27,500. That’s 69 times more than the small $397 membership fee. That comes out 6,900% Return on your investment

Tell me where else can you get 6,900% on your money? It just doesn’t exit. Stock market investors are tickled to get 10-15% Return. Warren Buffet the most intelligent investor in the world only gets 20% annual return. You’re getting 6,900% return on just one deal!

Now image what the return will be when you get 2 deals per month or 3 deals per month! This means you are not actually paying this membership. This membership is paying you. It’s paying you over $27,000 if you only to 1 deal which will be a walk in park when you have me by your side guiding you along the way.

If I give you just 1 strategy that gives you the ability to go out and find and flip a deal you otherwise wouldn’t have known about, don’t you think it would be worth it to invest a small $397 investment to get back $27,500 on the 1 deal alone?

Of course you would. If you’re like most people in my coaching program, you’d tell me that 1 strategy would pay for your membership for several years over…just with the proceeds from that 1 deal.

What this means in real life is… after you do just 1 deal using the strategies and tactics I’m going to arm you with, you’ll be able to cover your membership dues for 69 months.

That’s more than 5 years’ worth of Inner Circle membership dues paid for from just 1 month of content. That’s how powerful this really is!

This should be very clear to you this is an ABSOLUTE no brainer not to mention the free gifts you’re getting today worth $21,972 and all the other goodies you get with your monthly membership.

I want to make sure this is a no brainer for you plus I really enjoy doing it and I take a lot of pride in helping my members win big!

Think about it this way! 

Would it be worth $397 for to come spend an entire month looking over my shoulder as I run my house business? …Having me walk you through every step of the process from generating leads, making offers, building your buyers list, and most importantly making sure your deals go through closing without any issues to make sure you get paid.

…personally showing you what’s working best in the current market and helping you deploy it in your business?

The Look Over My Shoulder newsletter and Monthly Confidential video tutorials are meant to give you that same experience and more importantly that same result!

Here’s something else to consider…Would it be worth $397 to jump online with me twice a month and get instant feedback on the current deals you’re working or anything else you’re working on in your business to have me instantly review your business and get an immediate answer and action plan of what you need to do?

That’s what we do in the Live Webinars every other week for members only!  Plus you can see your fellow members and get ideas from what’s working for them as well.

If any of those scenarios sound like they might be valuable to you, then this is an absolute NO Brainer. And that’s why you should accept my invitation and become a member today.

Remember, there’s no contract and you can cancel any time. Plus if you do cancel, you can keep the 30 Day Fast Track Success System and the Business Automation Bootcamp absolutely FREE.

And you know what’s interesting. Here’s something that’s kind of funny about the “cost” of this membership. If you do the math, it’s just $13.05 per day.

As we both know, that’s really not that much money and I did a search on Google for “what can you buy for $13.05”…

The most compelling thing I found was on a forum in yahoo answers and it was “1,305 tootsie rolls at a school cafeteria”

So I wonder…which would your rather have? 1,305 tootsie rolls (and the dental bill that follows) or a ready to go strategic plan to do at least 1 deal per month with an average profit of $27,500 per deal?

Let’s Face It! $13.05 isn’t going to change your life. In fact if you woke up tomorrow and noticed you had $13.05 less in your bank, you probably wouldn’t even notice...

But the work we do together can CHANGE your business and your financial future forever. Click the Button Below, accept my invitation today and become a member of my Inner Circle.

You’ll get instant access to my $21,972 Gift which includes my 30 Day Fast Track Success System as well as the never sold recordings of the exclusive Business Automation Bootcamp.

There is no contract and you can cancel at any time. Plus you can keep the $21,972 in gifts.

Speaking of gifts, there’s one more thing I want to show you. When you accept my invitation and become a member today, you’re not only going to get the $21,972 in gifts, you’re also going to be granted access to a software I use in my personal house business.

This software is so powerful, we’ve never even made it available to the general public even though it would sell like hotcakes.

The name of this software is called the Ultimate Investing Software or UIS for short and here’s why you need to have this software immediately.

UIS is the solution you need to get all the leads you need for getting deals, raising money and building your buyers list as well as having access to unlimited comps for your properties.

When you get access to UIS, you’ll be able to access every vacant property all across the United States. We have proprietary access to a several databases we combine together that gives all the vacant properties nationwide.

This list of vacant properties is a goldmine and believe it or not, there are more properties on this list than you think. We certainly can’t handle all the properties on this list and there’s plenty to share with you.

If you’re not aware, vacant properties are the most profitable types of properties to go after. This is very important in hot markets where there are no deals left on the MLS.

When you start targeting vacant properties, you’ll usually run into inherited properties which are one of the best types of properties to acquire because the new owner doesn’t want the property.

They just want the cash and are willing to take a big discount to sell it as-is and get quick cash. There’s also high equity, free and clear, distressed, and foreclosure leads in UIS, which are all great leads to target because they’re all highly motivated to sell.

The next category of leads in this UIS is private lenders. These are wealthy individuals that love to lend money on real estate. These are not hard money lenders that require up front points or ridiculous lending criteria.

These are regular people that are looking for people just like you to lend you their money on your deals. Most of the time, they’ll lend you 100% of the acquisition and rehab costs. It doesn’t get any better than that!

We’ve already done all the hard work for you. We’ve gone out and found these people and put them in the UIS so you can get instant access to as many lenders as you want all across the country. To give you an idea of how many lenders are in here.

The number of lenders varies by the size of the county but you can count on anywhere from 500-800 lenders per county. Some of them are more active than others and you’ll get access to all of that data as soon as you login to the Ultimate Investing Software.

Last but not least are the cash buyers. We’ve also done all the research for you and put all of the cash buyers in the UIS for you. You’ll have an instant list of cash buyers ready to buy your deals.

The Ultimate Investing Software gives you an unfair advantage over your competition and you’d be crazy to try and operate without it. Like I said, we’ve never made this available to the general public. Today is the 1st day you can get it when you become a member of my Inner Circle.

Click the Button Below and become a member of my Inner Circle and get instant access to the Ultimate Investing Software as well as the $21,972 in Free Gifts I’ll ship you immediately.

This is a very limited invitation. I’ve only got 47 copies of the 30 Day Fast Track Success System to send out and this offer is going to expire whenever I run out of copies or when the countdown timer on this page hits zero.

This group is limited in size because I need to be able to give you my personal attention and I won’t be able to do that if I have too many people in this group. This is your Time. This is your chance to Join my Inner Circle.  I guarantee you won’t regret it.

And as you know, you can cancel at any time. You are not locked into any contracts and if you decide this is not for you, you can keep the 30 Day Fast Track and the Business Automation Bootcamp as my gifts to you.

Go ahead and join now so we can get started. I look forward to talking to you the live webinars and thanks for watching this video. I hope you have a great day!

I’ll see you on the inside.



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