zack childress guidelines-how to become a smart real estate agent in 2017

Zack Childress Guidelines-How to Become a Smart Real Estate Agent in 2017?

Zack childress guidelines among the thousands of real estate agents, how to stand out smart and successful?

You need to be conscious about the goals; set well-defined goals; start visualizing the end-results and work towards it.

Zack Childress complaints that the real estate agents don’t use their potential to the fullest and lack in goal setting strategy. Goals involve several changes and many investors aren’t willing to change.

Zack explains in detail about goal setting strategy in this article. To know more about smart goal setting, read the blogs written in Zack Childress REI quick cash system.

If your goals have to be successful, start visualizing positive outcomes and he advises the investors to write the goals in a piece of paper and stick it on the wall, desk and places you often see.

Setting and accomplishing smart goals is the secret of successful Realtors. SMARTY word is abbreviated and goals are set in such a way.

  • Specific:

When your goals are specific, you can accomplish easily.


The percentage you should achieve and percentage you achieved should be measured accurately once the goal is set and accomplished respectively.


Goals must be under your control. Create such goals so as to be successful.


You goals must be attainable, some may set unrealistic goals which are unattainable and can only be imagined.


Setting deadline is important. Targeted goals only work, if you take abundant time to accomplish something, it’s merely waste.

Y is why are you doing this?

Explain the hardships you underwent during this time and how much you rejoiced when you achieved. This is to help you out to set the next target and work towards it. Trace the timeline so that you may know how fast or slow you work.

The goals can be short-term or long-term.

How should a short term goal be?

Work as a full-time or part-time investor so that you will know about marketing strategies. Gain experience and visit several apartments in various locations. Learn how mortgage works, how property prices are assigned, how real estate market rise and fall, get to know the work of a listing and buyer’s agent. An agent should be aware of law and order so that he acts as a guide to the buyer or seller. He must be in a position to correct them if they forbid the law. These are the key points that an agent must know before becoming a one. You can also start working as a part-time real estate agent when you are confident or take up an internship to gain experience.

How a long term goal should be?

  • After the learning process and intern, you will now starting working as full time real estate agent.
  • Make all your goals affirmative and strong. You need to celebrate as well when you accomplish your goals. Stay optimistic so that you don’t lose hope.
  • Goal of purpose should be determined.
  • Your goals must be able to balance your personal life, financial, spiritual, mental and business goals.
    Follow these simple strategies and you will become a smart real estate agent.





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