Zack Childress Real Estate – Signs That Indicate You Have To End The Relationship With Your Real Estate Agent


It is essential to maintain a good relationship with your real estate agent to pull off a successful real estate transaction. But chances are that the relationship may take an unwanted turn. You may not get exactly what you want from your real estate tips or he may not be happy with your demands. So, in that case, you should consider firing your real estate agent and hiring a new one. Zack Childress, the owner or REI success academy and a maestro in real estate investing and education reviews signs that reveal you have to break up with your agent.

Zack Childress Real Estate-Lacking in action and usage of high pressure strategies

If your real estate agent is missing appointments and not responding to mails, calls or messages, then it portends that he is not willing to continue as your agent. So, think about ending the relationship. If he pressurizes you to sign one deal every yesterday without any negotiation and thinking, then he is not happy. So, break up with him and hire a new one.

If they are not doing what you want

zack childress real estate tips If-they-are-not-doing-what-you-want

If you have given them your wish list and if they still continue to show you homes with missing features, then it’s time to engage another real estate agent. The current real estate agent is only tiring you with home tours and has still not come up with the suitable home for you.

If they nod their heads for everything that you say

This is really bad. It means that the real estate agent is not expert enough. You should select one who points out the bad and shows the correct path for you. This ensures that you have long term benefits.

Agents who cut short appointments

Agents who cut short appointments are those who are either short of knowledge, experience or are disinterested to continue. So, it is time to change your agent in this case.

Zack Childress Real Estate-If your agent cannot remember your home search parameters

If the agent has selective amnesia, meaning that he is not able to remember your basic home search criterions like the number of bedrooms, no: of bathrooms and others, it is time to fire him.

They don’t act according to your decisions

They cannot take things in their hands and should act according to your decisions only. If an agent does that, you should consider hiring another one as high handed agents may spoil deals for you.

Agents want you to reschedule appointments without prior communication

zack childress real estate tips-break up with your real estate agents

This will be extremely irritating. Just imagine that you are hurrying to the agent’s office to keep up the appointment, but at the office you are informed that he wants to reschedule it. You will feel annoyed. It is okay to reschedule the appointment but it should be informed in advance

Most of us don’t purchase a home on our own. We take the help of a real estate agent in doing so. A real estate tips studies the market, looks for appropriate homes, analyzes the prices, arranges the home tours, negotiates and closes deals. Each day is different in the life of a real estate agent. While we can say that variety is the spice of life, it presents a lot of challenges to the agent. In this article, Zack Childress, a whizz real estate investor and educator gives an analysis on the usual day of a real estate agent.

Administrative work
zack childress real estate tips Administrative-work

A real estate agent takes care of managerial work. He usually

  • Studies the market and the real estate news
  • Explores the active, unsettled and sold listings
  • Prepares real estate related documents
  • Plans home inspections, home tours and meetings
  • Devises marketing plans
  • Puts real estate news on social media

Attracting clients

It is crucial for real estate agents to develop a good client base. They usually get clients through friends, relatives and through common contacts. Every person whom they meet is a potential client since everyone is sure to buy a home in the near future. So, real estate agents give them their visiting cards and create prospective customers. It is not enough if they just give those cards but have to find a way to stay in touch. Real estate agents must sharpen their marketing skills. They are not just making contacts but selling themselves, their brand name. They can do this by utilizing television, newspapers, postcards, internet and the advertisement savvy social media.

Working style

A seller’s agent should study the market and establish list prices for the homes. They must take good photos and videos and post them on websites and social media. They must give staging tips and negotiate deals. A buyer’s agent must traverse listings and fix up suitable homes for their clients. They must plan home tours and home inspections. They must also share details of the properties to the buyers. They have to negotiate in the deals and get the best offer for their customers.

Working in association with fellow agents

Real estate agents typically work in an office and hence they can share news, real estate marketing tips and other information with neighboring agents. They can access local MLS listings to get details about properties for buyers.

Honing persuasion skills and knowledge

Real estate agents have to be very persuasive. A seller’s agent has to convince the seller that this is the best purchase price and a buyer’s agent has to bring out the positives of a home more than the negatives. They have to continue their education in order to keep their license updated but this broadens their knowledge base. It makes them experts in this field.

Real estate agents play an important role in home deals. It is essential to maintain a good relationship with your agent. But sometimes the relationship becomes undesirable. You need to identify such a situation first. For more details on this you can read up on the article – signs that indicate you have to end the relationship with the real estate agent. Once you identify the situation, you have to see how you can carry out the breakup in a dignified and graceful manner. In this article, Zack Childress reviews how to break up with a real estate agent.

Common courtesy agreements

In case you don’t have a written legal agreement with the real estate agent, you don’t have to end the agreement procedurally. Instead, just call him up and inform him.


Contracts can be ended by asking nicely. If an oral consensus is reached, then you can sign a legal termination document. Else, you can go past the agent and converse with the broker. If they fail to agree, check the signed agreement for a clause which states the constraints under which the relationship can end. Else there may be another clause which lays down methods for terminating complicated scenarios which cannot be ended informally. If there is neither clause, then there is little you can do as you are lawfully bound through the contract term.

For buyers

zack childress real estate tips-for buyers

As a buyer, you don’t have to pay commission to agents but sellers do. You are not required to sign a financial or a contractual agreement with the agent. But there is of course a gentleman’s agreement. A buyer’s agent works really hard as he reviews disclosures, looks for homes, researches the market and arranges for home tours. He will feel disappointed if you suddenly tell him that some other agent has brought a home for the suitable purchase price and fire him.

Hence, you have to select your agent very carefully. You can visit open houses and interview agents. You can read up reviews on the web and check the track record of agents. Ask friends and relatives for referrals. However, if it does not work even after so much of effort, then convey to the agent politely that you want to break up.

From the seller’s point of view

zack childress real estate tips-for sellers

You have to sign a contractual agreement with the agent. During this period you have to work only with this brokerage firm or agent. You, as a seller must also be very cautious while picking up the real estate agent. It’s even more difficult to terminate the relationship in this case. If the agent is not doing good work and the period of the agreement has still not expired, then you can explain to the agent that you have not got your suitable home till now. If the agent is decent enough, he may apologize and things may become easier. But, this does not happen in most cases.

Apart from the standard practices in the real estate, a realty agent needs to take up certain other cautions to make his real estate business flourish. All the three attributes as the time, thoughtfulness and originality are needed for a real estate agent to acquire customers.

You need to self-actualize yourself before creating a website or going for a marketing campaign.

The following suggestions will help you know where to make yourself known.
zack childress real estate tips-following some suggestions

Creating your own personal brand:

There are certain things that make you stand apart from the crowd. The educational qualification, better understanding of the vicinity and the part you play in the society are vital to make you stand apart in the existing market.

Your ties with people are what form the real estate business. The customers should develop confidence in you for you to be successful in the market.

Maintaining a blog:

For you to be known in the internet, you need to create a company blog. Suggestions and ideas to customers should emerge in the blogs. The expertise you hold as a realty agent is what attracts customers to you. Furnish your expertise in the blogs. Also, posts with ideas about the existing market scenario could make you more popular.

Release Market Reports:

A better strategy for you is to form a market report for the market in which you are functioning. Furnish the data point in your websites.

Creating Videos – A better option:

Creating videos is a wonderful marketing strategy which has still not become very popular in the realty scenario. Videos are tools that make the customer view your website for a longer time. The videos would help customers interact with you and help you be unique among the crowd.

Videos add up to your identity in the world of internet. Videos that are existent in the social networking sites make you more popular

Creating a professional website:
zack childress real estate tips Creating-a-professional-website

The starting point for you to take off is developing your own website. The website should have interesting icons in it which makes it interesting for people to visit the website.

So as to enlighten customers about the prevalent market scenario, web seminars could be included in your website.

Enhance the Search Engine Optimization:

When hitting on Google, traffic should be directed towards your site. Take necessary steps for increasing the traffic to your website. Nowadays, many people go online to find suitable residences. See to it that you are not lagging behind in the online race.

Maintain the list of emails:

The foremost activity in the internet is handling emails. Conversations happen more through emails more than through social networking sites. Enough data should be provided to customers free of cost such that it makes you the most targeted realty agent.

Getting involved in the vicinity:

Make it particular to participate in public gatherings. As more people come to know of you, you become more influential. You should hold face to face conversations with clients.

You have to make sure of what the target market is. This in turn helps you actualize you brand identity.

You are into realty because that happens to be the most preferred one for you. So, take every activity as a fun and establish your identity among the customers.

zack childress real estate tips-agents to get more real estate listing

Real estate agents who want to grow up in the field may visit the website by Zack Childress. Zack Childress has held a number of Webinars which help real estate agents promote a scam-free real estate market.

Inherited homes

You should target inherited homes. How many people would want to move into inherited homes? probably, they are too old or consist of too many repairs. This is however, great for agents. So, how to find out such homes? Log onto the county clerk’s website and explore. Once you have access to the information, search by entering the person’s name in yellow pages. That’s it you will find the local address.

Coordinate with home suppliers and repairers

These have a huge list of customers who are preparing for selling the homes. You can have access to them if you unite with such dealers.

Use social media and email listings to track sellers

Search twitter for need to move, looking to move and want to move. Use other social media websites to target specific seller groups. Based on the interests of the people, you can pursue them. Write attractive content on your homepage and entice customers to visit your page. You can also build email lists and track customers.

Search rental listings

Some people put their homes on rental listings since they didn’t get the proper price in the market. Target such homes and make them aware that the market scenario has changed and it is a great time to sell.

Keep abreast of present developments

Keep track of local developments like companies coming in, vacating and new residential buildings cropping up. If you diligently watch out for these, then you should be able to get a hold over a couple of them.

Network of contacts, image, internet and other offers

In competitive markets, real estate agents can use a strong network of contacts, their reputation and promise of flowery offers to entice clients. In economically devastating markets which are hit by a shortage of cash, agents use the internet to attract clients. They also offer a slash in commission rates. Agents often use their contacts like friends and relatives and even official to gain clients.

Consider vacant homes

Vacant homes can be narrowed down by searching your county clerk’s website. If you don’t find time, hire people to do this by giving them hourly wages. Or else, you can hire them for a contract of a few months by paying in advance.


By making cold or warm calls, real estate agents heighten their customer base. They can be approached through a free market analysis offer and so on.

Host meetings

Organize gatherings. You can even gather people online. You can talk about the market and get to know interested people. Make these sessions lively and informative. Sellers are spending quality time to come to your workshop. So, they don’t want to be bored nor do they want to be in a full time entertainment session. So, do it well. Coffee shops and ins are excellent places to host such meetings.

Guiding a group of resources towards the final goal or objective is the main duty of a successful real estate agent. Apart from this, there are so many other traits that a successful real estate agent should possess.

Zack Childress-This piece of article will present you with some of them:

zack childress real estate tips-good real estate agents

A good agent will care about your priorities and goals rather than their commission, while having an eye for protecting your interests, co-coordinating, managing, controlling every step of the way based upon your decisions.

Only works with a handful of priority clients at any given time such that every single client’s needs are met while still paving a way to time, attention, energy, and service they need.

He/ she should- keenly look out for on-market, off-market and back-on-market prospects and threats to scale up your number of purchase options – and, preferably, find you a great deal; provide you with advanced market analytics, for the reason that good data helps you make better resolutions.

They should also be able to provide you with market information like the geographic area and property type inside out, its values, market trends, neighborhoods, pros and cons, legal issues etc while still updating on changes if any.

With effective negotiation skills, at your instruction they should be able to aggressively work to pull off the best possible results in terms of price. This is highly important because an adept negotiator committed to your interests can effortlessly make a vast difference in the sales price, say somewhere between 3 to 5 percentage and depending upon the negotiation skill of the real estate agent this percentage can sometimes be much more.

A good real estate agent should tell you the truth as best as can be discerned, which takes into account the positives, negatives, upsides, downsides including things that you might not want to hear. By this means you can change your decision accordingly before proceeding with a transaction (adjusting with the situation).

Apart from the service that he/she has to make from their side, they should also be able to offer a range of qualified professional resources services when their counsel is required and it includes inspectors, lawyers, escrow and loan agents, etc….

Off all this is very important, they should never make decisions for you nor force you to make decisions in a certain way that is beneficial for them, but lays out all the information, options and strategies for your consideration.

Now that you know the characteristics of a good real estate agent, when scouting around for them, try to research more about them to have fruitful results. Hope you found this article helpful, for more real estate information Google Zack Childress real estate reviews.

If you want to start building your knowledge and skills on the key concepts of real estate, then keep tuned to Zack Childress real estate seminars and camps that will help you build your skill base. Zack is a real estate entrepreneur who conducts seminars and boot camps on real estate principles, markets, finance, and much more.


Real estate is the most desired purchase of your life. When you buy one, you should take care to hit on the best deal. For this, it is essential to have a good relationship with your real estate agent.

These are typically the activities of a real estate agent on a day. A real estate agent must set time for each activity on a day.

These are ways to break away from the relationship with your agents- real estate tips and this Zack Childress review will prove to be beneficial for the readers.

These are some of the best tips given by Zack Childress for agents to acquire more listings.






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