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Zack Childress Reviews-How to do an Effective Self-Storage Investment?

Zack childress reviews-the first-time investors who don’t have prior experience in real estate investment can consider self-storage option.Zack Childress brief about self-storage investment strategies.

zack childress my first deal playbook

  1. Cash Flow
  2. Economic Occupancy
  3. Supply and Demand
  4. Competitive Market
  5. Financing Methodologies
  6. Documentation
  7. Self-Storage
  8. Social Media Presence
  9. Tax and Home Inspection

1.Cash Flow

The new investors must rely on cash flow to do further investments. There should not be any payment default in case of mortgage. In that case, the first-time investors should take appropriate decisions. Self-storage investment offer cash flow on regular basis.

2.Economic Occupancy

There are two types of occupancies namely physical and economical. The physical occupancy refers to tenants residing in a home. The economic occupancy refers to gross income of an individual.

3.Supply and Demand

There are some scenarios when supply is excess but demand is less. Even when there is an oversupply, the investors can make profit if the properties are not pricey. The buyers remain in favorable condition when the under-market situation prevails.

4.Competitive Market

When there are more buyers in a market, but the availability of number of houses is less. Then buyers are facing a competitive market. They must understand the behavioral patterns of the real estate market. First-time investors need to take better decisions in these situations without landing themselves to a financial crisis.

5.Financing Methodologies

There are enumerable financing techniques and loan schemes for both first-time investors, financially backward or low income community. They are offered by government aided institutions, banks and mortgage lenders. The awareness must be spread worldwide and reach all the investors through campaigns and promotion in frequently visited real estate websites will be very useful. The mortgage debts should be paid on time.


The investors must keep all their documents in approval stage. This will save time and also sellers prefer them over the others. Mortgage Lenders provide undertaking letter which is pre-approval and pre-qualification. Both must be taken so that it proves you are financially stable and credit report should be error free.


Brokers or consultants will help you in taking better financial decisions. The first-time investors must take the assistance of self-storage brokers.

8.Social Media Presence

The first-time investors should know about the significance of social media presence as it is very crucial in selling the home fast. The buyers make use of property portals to search homes and various other tools pertaining to digital marketing.

9.Tax and Home Inspection

The taxes are to be assessed and not assumed. Consult a tax adviser to get the accurate estimate. Mostly the sellers skip home inspection to the first-time buyers to save some money. There might be some issues like sellers asking buyers to pay the real estate commission share. These fraudulent activities are scam and necessary action must be taken and lodge a complaint against them to prevent such nightmarish scenes again.

From this real estate review, the first-time investors can get benefitted. To learn more tips on first-time buying or selling a home; you can watch the webinars and podcasts in REI quick cash system.


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