Zack Childress Top Tips That a Landlord Should Take into Consideration

zack childress- Though there may be slump in real estate you cannot consider owning property as something trivial. In fact it has its own share of profitability and can be considered as one of the incredible deals. There arises the need to invest on income-producing property. Having said that, there are some obstacles in being a landlord. In order to reap fruits, you have to keep a tab on your savings in case there is any financial inconsistency.

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Being a landlord is not as easy as it looks out to be. He would be receiving innumerable phone calls. Some tenants would be facing problems the time that they enter the house. The laws relating to landlord and tenant want you to carry out repairs as fast as possible. The key is that if you fail in carrying out the repairs soon there are chances that you may be responsible for more issues.

The prospect of taking up rental real estate may seem lucrative theoretically. You may think that the idea of purchasing a place in a viable location and the ongoing process is somewhat lucrative. But there are several issues that you should contemplate on prior to taking up rental real estate.

While there are advantages such as the money that is generated by the property, rise in the value of the specific property, tax benefits etc. you must also be careful of the disadvantages including unforeseen expenses, not-so-good tenants and vacancy period. In case of vacancy periods there will not be any sum that is being received by the landlord as monthly rent.

Landlord-Now let’s see some tips that will assist you in mitigating the disadvantages:

  • You should be balanced in your aspirations. You can very well think rich of getting a good cash flow but see to it that it is attainable.
  • You can also take the services of property management firms that take care of your rental properties.
  • You have to be highly cognizant of the rules that are set by the Federal and State Laws. In this regard you can carry out a lot of research.
  • The primary thing is that you should get your property inspected. This should be done by a seasoned person so that you can avoid unforeseen expenses.
  • The legality of your lease is another thing which is very important. When you do some errors in this regard there will be problems in case the tenant doesn’t adhere to the terms.
  • When it comes to the rent levels you should be practical. Here then the rent must be similar to what’s present in the market.
  • When you are renting a property to the prospective tenant you should be not be having an insurance policy as similar to that of your primary residence. In your role of a landlord you are in requirement of a rental home insurance. The tenants can also be asked to purchase renter’s insurance. This renters insurance can also fall under the scope of the lease agreement.

Zack Childress is a multifaceted real estate professional and is having vast experience in real estate. He concentrated on automating all aspects of his real estate business.


Commercial leases always come with specific terms and before tenants rent out a property, they should understand the basic types of leases.This Zack Childress review will serve as a foundation for people to comprehend the basic types of leases.




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